In a deadly case of mistaken identity, a mobile car detailer from East LA is believed to be the notorious contract killer “El Diablo Del Muerte.” Given no choice by a sinister crime boss, he must complete three more “jobs” or risk putting his family in mortal danger.


  • Frankie
    The only child of a single mother, Frankie grew up in the shadow of Dodger Stadium.  After a brief stay in community college, he launches “Asesinos de la Tierra” a mobile detailing business with his cousin and best friend since diapers, Eloy.  Their hard work pays off and soon business is booming.
  • Eloy
    Frankie’s cousin, best friend and loyal sidekick.  What Frankie lacks in polish, Eloy makes up for with his heart.  This dynamic duo compliment each other perfectly!  It’s also helps that Eloy has a genius level IQ!
  • Connie
    Frankie’s protective mother – intelligent and fierce.  The ultimate mama bear and the very definition of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  She has a dark past that she hopes she’ll never have to reveal to Frankie.
  • Dante
    Smooth, handsome and deadly, Dante is the right hand of crime boss Cavetti.  He’s Frankie’s contact to the underworld of organized crime and his worst nightmare.



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